COVID-19 Response Update

Abbott Osborn Jacobs PLC is taking precautions to limit the exposure of any virus within our office. The firm is continuously monitoring the situation and intends to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, Iowa Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office, the Iowa Supreme Court as well as other Federal, State, and local authorities.

The firm will monitor impacts upon clients and staff and will make adjustments in operations to ensure the safety of clients, staff, attorneys, and others that interact with the firm. Attorneys have the capability to work remotely for extended periods and as needed our staff has the ability to work remotely in various capacities.

Changes in the way that we do business are being made as the situation and conditions warrant. We are striving to provide high quality legal services on a continuous basis while taking measures to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients, business partners, and the public.

Our offices are open with some restrictions for the protection of our staff, our clients, our business partners, and vendors. We encourage phone, email and facsimile communications in lieu of in person meetings. All services are being provided.